12 Questions for Spiritual Growth


I’ve put together a free e-book with journaling prompts with 12 important questions for you to get to know yourself more deeply.

In these 12 questions, we are going to reveal the truth of who you are, in order to support the evolution of your soul.

You are going to look at this understanding and recognize whether this perception you hold is the truth of what you believe and experience; or if it is the result from another source.


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Why is spiritual growth important for our life?
Because the purpose of our soul in this life is to evolve, and the more challenges we overcome the greater evolution and wisdom our soul will gain.
How can we transform our energy?
Our energy molds and changes with every moment of every day. We have the power to influence our energy to be positive or negative based on our actions.
How can these 12 questions help?
These 12 questions are going to reveal the truth about how you feel, see and believe in yourself.
About the Instructor

Phoebe Garnsworthy writes books that speak to your soul. She is an Australian Author and Meditation Teacher who seeks to discover magic in everyday life. She has traveled the world extensively, exploring eastern and western philosophies alike, while studying the influences that these beliefs have on humanity. The intention of her creations is to encourage conscious living and unconditional love.

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